Sunday, 26 August 2012

Magic Magnetic Polish

 Introducing a 'magic' product that is simple to use & gives a pretty finishing touch. Its used to create stunning 3D-like designs with pretty metallic shades. MAGNETIC POLISH! It comes in many different colours for you to choose from. 

It's not that hard to use, but it might take a few tries before you completely master how to apply it on your nails. Remember to hold still when exposing the wet polish to the magnet or else it will create a blurred design. You must expose the wet polish to the magnet immediately after the final coat, do not wait or else it would not be effective. Simply add another coat if it dries up.

You can order based on the numbers below. Each magnetic polish (15ml) is inclusive with a free rod that you can choose any of the 3 designs. Each set is S$15.00. The rod itself is S$5.00

How to use the magnetic polish?
1) Apply your base coat & wait for it to dry
2) Apply 1st coat of magnetic polish & let it set to dry
3) Apply 1 coat of magnetic polish until its opaque enough, then immediately expose the magnet over the nail (Make sure the magnet is not contact with the nail)
4) Hold the magnet completely still for 20 seconds or more
5) Wait for the magnetic polish coat to dry before applying topcoat & you will have the FINAL PRODUCT!

 Quote MN001 & you will receive a complimentary 100pcs rhinestones packet @ random colour for the first 5 buyers!

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