Monday, 6 August 2012

Fimo Canes

Don't you find that these fruity fimo canes look so delicious? I always get reminded of a type of sweet sold in Singapore - Sticky! I've seen people mistaken fimo canes as sweets on other online shops as well, so please take note, these are not for consumption! :3 But its hard to blame them, the designs are so delicate & pretty, too hard to resist!

See, they look quite alike! At least, to me. 

I have over 300 designs of fimo canes, ranging from brand logo, fruits, animals, flowers, hearts, cartoon to random cute stuff. Some popular designs are already sold out, but don't worry, I'm sure there are some that will catch your eye. 

These fimo canes are about 4.5-5cm long (I guess some even exceed that length). Depending on your preference of the thickness, the estimated number of pieces you can slice off is about 40-50. For me, I prefer the fimo canes to be rather thin, so I can probably cut it into 50 pieces or so. 

I'm selling it @ 50cents per cane, with a minimum purchase of 10 canes. You can contact me for a wholesale price if you're purchasing more than 50 (: Assuming you can slice a fimo cane into 50 pieces, 1 piece is actually at quite an insignificant cost. 

Look at the neatly categorized table in my albums & you will see something like that. This is how you can order from me. In your order form, name me the category & the following numbers. I will then check if the product is available & will confirm the order thereafter. Although I have stated that the white highlighted numbers are out of stock, please understand that I do not have the time to update my photos, so there could be some other designs (Non-highlighted) which are out of stock as well (:

You can always mix & match your designs to suit your preference. There are loads of designs after all & these fimo canes are easy, convenient & pretty! You might want to have pretty nails but because you're either too lazy or do not have the time to paint your nails, you can always just paste a few fimo designs on your nails for simplicity! Like this one!

If you prefer something more bright & colourful, you can try this out as well! It's a fruity theme & it actually looks quite outstanding from far too.

Enough said, now I will be teaching you how to create a simple & cute flower design with the use of fimo canes!

Materials needed: (According to my design)
- Blue nail polish
- White nail polish
- Some blue flower fimo canes
- Nail glue (The nail glue in this photo isn't the one I'm selling, but it has the same effects as well)
- Tweezer
- Fimo cutter
- Some pearls/rhinestones for decoration
- Nail art wheel or paint on your nails directly

 Firstly, paint a few layers of blue diagonally on the nail. Make sure that the colour is rather opaque. 

When you're done with the blue, continue with the white on the other side.

Slice the fimo canes according to your preferred thickness. Make sure that the thickness is even throughout. To do this, slice the fimo cane vertically down, don't slant your cutter. 

So here's some sliced fimo canes! ^^ You can always get a wheel container to keep all the unused fimo canes for future use. The wheel container contains 12 compartments.

Using a nail glue, apply to the line between the blue & white areas. For the glue I'm selling, it is a watery base, so you might want to put small droplets instead of squeezing too hard. Or you could use cotton bud (I've not tried this way before though!)

Using a tweezer, carefully place the fimo slice onto the glued part of the nail. Tap it gently, so that it will fit nicely. Remember to plan your design first, the glue might dry up very quickly.

Add on the rest of the fimo canes & you will be almost done here (:

If you find it too plain, you can get some pearls or rhinestones & stick them on with nail glue. For this design, I chose to use white pearl to match with the white base on the right.

Isn't it simple & good? (:

Anyway, here are the links to purchase the items above if you want to create a design something like this!

Fimo canes

Fimo cutter


Nail glue

Pearls or rhinestones

Nail art wheel

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post, have fun painting your nails, & feel free to share photos of your pretty designs with me (: 

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  2. All these are ready made (: Please order at