Sunday, 9 September 2012

'Pop up' 3d acrylic nail art

 Have any of you ever wanted 3d nail art that looks elegant & simply gorgeous for your nails?? Then you should go for ACRYLIC NAIL ART! Acrylic nail art molds are also unique, easy to use & ideal for combining with a variety of other techniques such as rhinestones & glitter. This enables nail art lovers to achieve top quality creations & get various 3d decorations! If you are confident enough, you can try to create petals manually like the one in this photo.

Here are some other creations you can do 

DISCLAIMER: These designs aren't made by me, I found them on google.

How to use it effectively:
1)  Mix the liquid acrylic with acrylic powder, you can decide how much to add depending on the texture you want it to be
2) Fill the mold with liquid acrylic
3) Allow it to dry for one minute (Be flexible with the timing, as long as you see that it turns out a little rubbery & solid, its fine)
4) Remove the acrylic from the mold & use tweezers to apply the design to your nails
5) Use nail glue
6) Lastly, you can decorate your nails with other rhinestones or glitter & finish it off with clear top coat!

 I'm selling a few different sets of acrylic nail art that are great for beginners & professionals as well!

 Acrylic set #1

This set includes:
- Acrylic liquid
- 3 acrylic powder (pink, clear, white)
- 2 brushes
- 1 Clear glass dappen dish
(You can buy them separately as well! But bundles are always more WORTH IT!)

 Colourful Acrylic set #2 with mold

This set includes:
Acrylic liquid x 1
Acrylic mold x 3 of your own choice
18 colours acrylic powder set x 1
Acrylic brush x 2
Acrylic dish x 1
If you purchase them separately it will be about S$50+ 

 Clear, white, pink Acrylic powder (30g each)
S$15.00 for all 3
S$6.50 each

There are other types of powder sold in my album as well, do check it out :D

Acrylic Mold (Roughly 45 designs in total)

S$6.00 each
S$10.00 for any 2 designs

Quote MN002 & you will receive a 10% discount for the first 5 buyers! Only applicable for acrylic sets. 
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