Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bling your nails with these rhinestones!

BLING BLING ! <3 These rhinestones will sure to make your nails shine & look more glamorous than ever! You can make simple or even complicated delicate designs out of them. Simple & easy, just glue them on to your nails in anyway that you want. I'm selling many different type of 3d nail art, but today I'll be only introducing to you - Round, Heart & Star rhinestones! They are sold in a wheel container which has 12 different compartments, you'll never run out of colours! (:

Heart rhinestones

Star rhinestones

Round rhinestones

If you find that you're not ready to get so much rhinestones, there's always an alternative choice for you! You can purchase these smaller packets of rhinestones available in 5 different colours - Aqua blue (My favourite!), Hot pink, Foil (Colour in between Black & Silver), Green & Red. The size for 100pcs packet are 3mm. Each packet contains about 100 pieces & its only S$1.00 per packet! Its a great idea for you if you only like some particular colours (:

Here are some simple designs that I have made using rhinestones & nail polish.

This is 1 of the customized nail art tips that my customer ordered from me. Its made from Foil colour (Colour between Black & Silver).

& This is done recently using Aqua blue, simple design ^^

So check out the rhinestones at these pages! For the heart, round, star rhinestones, its S$8.00 per wheel. If you get any 3 of these, it will be S$21.00 for all (U.P S$24.00)!

Round rhinestones

Heart rhinestones

100 pcs rhinestones (Other colours available in the same album)

Do check them out!
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