Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Wonders of Colour-changing Polish

Have you ever wondered how to paint designs that looks like a gradient of 2 different colours or tones? I got this off from some website & from what I have found this is called 'Ombre Nails'. The 2 nail polish colours are usually blended with a piece of sponge & the colour turns from pink to blue with the intermediate colour mixed to become purple. It gives people a very soothing feel.

However, this process could be quite tedious, people who are still learning the basics of nail art MIGHT get a little frustrated from painting this design. Depending on the brand of nail polish you pick, the effects might turn out successful or messy (If you're unlucky). It might be quite time-consuming for some as well. 

But FEAR NOT, I will be introducing an awesome nail art product that will save all the hassle!

This are just some samples I have, there are many other colours available.
These 2 colours are the hottest picks! & I personally like the pink one (:

Dark pink to light pink

Purple to sky blue

It really does work! Especially for girls with long nails. This is due to the difference in temperature. Its _____ below 33° C and becomes _____ above 33° C. (But in fact, the difference is quite obvious, the actual temperature doesn't matter) The white tip of your nails which is not in contact with your fingers (flesh) will be cooler. Hence, the colour gradient shows. When you walk in and out of an air-conditioned room, you can also spot the changes of the colours. It will be a great idea for people who are living in countries with 4 seasons as well (:

Just apply it on your nails like any other nail polish & there you go!
Now you can have different colours at different temperature! 


You can always top it up with extra designs if its too plain for you though. I would love to try doing leopard prints on it. 

You can purchase the colour-changing polish @ $15 per bottle
There are many other colours available as well, do view my album to check them out!

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