Sunday, 5 August 2012

Just a short introduction

HELLO all nail art lovers & anyone out there! This is my new nail art blog that I have just started after getting positive responses from some of you. The reason why I create this also links back to why I have started my blogshop 'Mon's Nailstore'.

I had been a great fan of nail art since a few years ago, who doesn't love pretty nails anyway!! Because of my passion in nail art, I've decided to start this Blogshop on my own. I'm selling many products like brushes, templates, fimo canes, 3d nail art, special nail polishes, rhinestones & MANY MANY MORE!

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I am quite active & usually able to reply you within a few hours, max 12 hours, so feel free to contact me for any questions!

Anyway, at the start of this blogshop, I was only selling a few products like Fimo canes, & stamping template, & therefore I have been using this logo.

Cute bundled fimo canes~ You can scroll to the bottom to look at 1 of the simplest fimo cane nail art design I have created few years ago. Don't worry! I will be bringing in more designs.

These are the stamping nail art templates that I was talking about. I will be teaching you how to use this later on. Its a really good idea for the beginner nail art lovers who want to try out complicated designs but do not know how to. It will be really easy as soon as you figure out how to use them!

Here's my simple fimo nail art design. 

In this blog, I will be sharing with you guys - Nail art designs, instructions & introduction of some products, product of the week/month, could be even hosting a giveaway once in awhile! So stay tuned for more updates!!

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  1. i do nail art as a hobby check out my blog i hope we cam follow each other :)