Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How to design your nails?

Nautical theme design

 This will be a simple post & I will be teaching you how to design 2 patterns (: The photo above is a nautical theme design. I especially like this design as it's very outstanding with the navy blue & red colour. I chose to have different designs on each nail to make it more unique instead of plain. Rhinestones are stick on with nail art glue. The red lines on the 2nd nail is used with line brush. You can actually purchase line striping tape which I have just posted on my page today. It will actually be neater & more convenient. For the anchor, I used silver pen so that it will be easier to control. I'm still not comfortable with using nail brushes for really small details. I'll try harder :D

Anyway you can try out this design & share it with me on my page!

Candy cane cherry design

This is a simple design that I have done out of boredom. I wanted something nice on my nails & not something too obvious, so I tried this design out. & I really love the outcome! It gives me the very sweet candy feeling topped on with a small cherry. You can try using line brush here as well (: This design is really flexible as you can just changed the colours & the fruit design as well. There will be various designs for you to choose!

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