Saturday, 11 August 2012

Pretty nails - Just stick them on!

Love these nail art designs? Just paste them on with a nail glue! Simple & neat! 

It has been my passion to design nail art & I would like to merge my interest with my Blogshop business by selling CUSTOMIZED NAIL ART TIPS. I can do most designs to your own liking or you could leave the design to me by telling me your colour & theme preference. I'll do the rest of the job for you & ensure that you will be satisfied with my work (:  

Many customers have came to me & requested various designs & I really do enjoy working on them. Their satisfaction of my art work = My satisfaction as well (:  

Here's some requested designs that customers have bought from me!

Hello Kitty Polka dot
 I realized that Hello Kitty designs are quite popular among the younger teenagers. This is a simple design of Hello kitty together with red & white polka dots. It's also a french nail art.

 Colourful Totoro Cartoon

I enjoyed doing this design as it was something new to me. The colours I chose were also colourful, bringing out the cuteness of the character. This type is known as different designs within a same theme - All 5 nails on 1 hand have different colours or designs but they all stick to the same theme of Totoro. I prefer this as it looks more interesting & of course, I would enjoy more during the painting work (:

Vintage Floral & Leopard prints

This is another nail art that I appreciate alot too! Leopard prints & floral are my favourites! & I really like the colour combination I have here (:

Each set of plain nail tips is for both hands, the photo above is only for 1 hand (Half a set). As you can see, there's 10 different sizes to suit different nail sizes of yours. The plain ones are sold @ S$2.00 per set. 

I charge a minimum of S$7.00 for customized designs. I will quote the price after you describe the design you want. Complicated designs & additional rhinestones or other 3D art material will have additional charges as well. Payment must be made first before I start on any art work, & I will usually take more than a week to complete due to my busy schedule. But don't worry, I will also quote you the time I am going to take before you make any payment. Do note that I will only accept orders on first come, first serve basis (:

Photo taken by 1 of my customer after she stick on the customized nail tips (:

You can get the customized nail tips over here!

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