Monday, 24 September 2012

Introducing Melectronics Blogshop

Introducing my other Blogshop - MELECTRONICS BLOGSHOP! This month will be having 20% off selected items. Most electronic products do have 1 year warranty as well! So what are you waiting for? Shop there now! There's tons of electronic products - Speakers, Headsets, Mouse, Gaming & Disney licensed products - Digital bag, Laptop sleeve/bag, Iphone/Ipad case, etc! I am also selling uncommon items like wireless headsets, save the trouble of plugging the earpiece or headset into your phone/Mp3 :D

There are also other random items sold in my albums (Not all web links are stated here), so do check it out even if you're not interested in electronics.

Headsets & earpiece

Gaming mouse & keyboard 

Disney laptop sleeve/bags

Disney Ipad/Iphone case + Screen protectors

Disney CD wallet, hard disk case, digital bag, etc


Wireless/optical mouse

 REMEMBER! There's 20% off selected items! (Most of the electronic products) & Promotion is until end of September! So hurry & get them now!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

'Pop up' 3d acrylic nail art

 Have any of you ever wanted 3d nail art that looks elegant & simply gorgeous for your nails?? Then you should go for ACRYLIC NAIL ART! Acrylic nail art molds are also unique, easy to use & ideal for combining with a variety of other techniques such as rhinestones & glitter. This enables nail art lovers to achieve top quality creations & get various 3d decorations! If you are confident enough, you can try to create petals manually like the one in this photo.

Here are some other creations you can do 

DISCLAIMER: These designs aren't made by me, I found them on google.

How to use it effectively:
1)  Mix the liquid acrylic with acrylic powder, you can decide how much to add depending on the texture you want it to be
2) Fill the mold with liquid acrylic
3) Allow it to dry for one minute (Be flexible with the timing, as long as you see that it turns out a little rubbery & solid, its fine)
4) Remove the acrylic from the mold & use tweezers to apply the design to your nails
5) Use nail glue
6) Lastly, you can decorate your nails with other rhinestones or glitter & finish it off with clear top coat!

 I'm selling a few different sets of acrylic nail art that are great for beginners & professionals as well!

 Acrylic set #1

This set includes:
- Acrylic liquid
- 3 acrylic powder (pink, clear, white)
- 2 brushes
- 1 Clear glass dappen dish
(You can buy them separately as well! But bundles are always more WORTH IT!)

 Colourful Acrylic set #2 with mold

This set includes:
Acrylic liquid x 1
Acrylic mold x 3 of your own choice
18 colours acrylic powder set x 1
Acrylic brush x 2
Acrylic dish x 1
If you purchase them separately it will be about S$50+ 

 Clear, white, pink Acrylic powder (30g each)
S$15.00 for all 3
S$6.50 each

There are other types of powder sold in my album as well, do check it out :D

Acrylic Mold (Roughly 45 designs in total)

S$6.00 each
S$10.00 for any 2 designs

Quote MN002 & you will receive a 10% discount for the first 5 buyers! Only applicable for acrylic sets. 
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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Magic Magnetic Polish

 Introducing a 'magic' product that is simple to use & gives a pretty finishing touch. Its used to create stunning 3D-like designs with pretty metallic shades. MAGNETIC POLISH! It comes in many different colours for you to choose from. 

It's not that hard to use, but it might take a few tries before you completely master how to apply it on your nails. Remember to hold still when exposing the wet polish to the magnet or else it will create a blurred design. You must expose the wet polish to the magnet immediately after the final coat, do not wait or else it would not be effective. Simply add another coat if it dries up.

You can order based on the numbers below. Each magnetic polish (15ml) is inclusive with a free rod that you can choose any of the 3 designs. Each set is S$15.00. The rod itself is S$5.00

How to use the magnetic polish?
1) Apply your base coat & wait for it to dry
2) Apply 1st coat of magnetic polish & let it set to dry
3) Apply 1 coat of magnetic polish until its opaque enough, then immediately expose the magnet over the nail (Make sure the magnet is not contact with the nail)
4) Hold the magnet completely still for 20 seconds or more
5) Wait for the magnetic polish coat to dry before applying topcoat & you will have the FINAL PRODUCT!

 Quote MN001 & you will receive a complimentary 100pcs rhinestones packet @ random colour for the first 5 buyers!

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How to design your nails?

Nautical theme design

 This will be a simple post & I will be teaching you how to design 2 patterns (: The photo above is a nautical theme design. I especially like this design as it's very outstanding with the navy blue & red colour. I chose to have different designs on each nail to make it more unique instead of plain. Rhinestones are stick on with nail art glue. The red lines on the 2nd nail is used with line brush. You can actually purchase line striping tape which I have just posted on my page today. It will actually be neater & more convenient. For the anchor, I used silver pen so that it will be easier to control. I'm still not comfortable with using nail brushes for really small details. I'll try harder :D

Anyway you can try out this design & share it with me on my page!

Candy cane cherry design

This is a simple design that I have done out of boredom. I wanted something nice on my nails & not something too obvious, so I tried this design out. & I really love the outcome! It gives me the very sweet candy feeling topped on with a small cherry. You can try using line brush here as well (: This design is really flexible as you can just changed the colours & the fruit design as well. There will be various designs for you to choose!

Thanks for reading! & Please also let me know what type of blog posts you would like to read in the future ^_^

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bling your nails with these rhinestones!

BLING BLING ! <3 These rhinestones will sure to make your nails shine & look more glamorous than ever! You can make simple or even complicated delicate designs out of them. Simple & easy, just glue them on to your nails in anyway that you want. I'm selling many different type of 3d nail art, but today I'll be only introducing to you - Round, Heart & Star rhinestones! They are sold in a wheel container which has 12 different compartments, you'll never run out of colours! (:

Heart rhinestones

Star rhinestones

Round rhinestones

If you find that you're not ready to get so much rhinestones, there's always an alternative choice for you! You can purchase these smaller packets of rhinestones available in 5 different colours - Aqua blue (My favourite!), Hot pink, Foil (Colour in between Black & Silver), Green & Red. The size for 100pcs packet are 3mm. Each packet contains about 100 pieces & its only S$1.00 per packet! Its a great idea for you if you only like some particular colours (:

Here are some simple designs that I have made using rhinestones & nail polish.

This is 1 of the customized nail art tips that my customer ordered from me. Its made from Foil colour (Colour between Black & Silver).

& This is done recently using Aqua blue, simple design ^^

So check out the rhinestones at these pages! For the heart, round, star rhinestones, its S$8.00 per wheel. If you get any 3 of these, it will be S$21.00 for all (U.P S$24.00)!

Round rhinestones

Heart rhinestones

100 pcs rhinestones (Other colours available in the same album)

Do check them out!
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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Pretty nails - Just stick them on!

Love these nail art designs? Just paste them on with a nail glue! Simple & neat! 

It has been my passion to design nail art & I would like to merge my interest with my Blogshop business by selling CUSTOMIZED NAIL ART TIPS. I can do most designs to your own liking or you could leave the design to me by telling me your colour & theme preference. I'll do the rest of the job for you & ensure that you will be satisfied with my work (:  

Many customers have came to me & requested various designs & I really do enjoy working on them. Their satisfaction of my art work = My satisfaction as well (:  

Here's some requested designs that customers have bought from me!

Hello Kitty Polka dot
 I realized that Hello Kitty designs are quite popular among the younger teenagers. This is a simple design of Hello kitty together with red & white polka dots. It's also a french nail art.

 Colourful Totoro Cartoon

I enjoyed doing this design as it was something new to me. The colours I chose were also colourful, bringing out the cuteness of the character. This type is known as different designs within a same theme - All 5 nails on 1 hand have different colours or designs but they all stick to the same theme of Totoro. I prefer this as it looks more interesting & of course, I would enjoy more during the painting work (:

Vintage Floral & Leopard prints

This is another nail art that I appreciate alot too! Leopard prints & floral are my favourites! & I really like the colour combination I have here (:

Each set of plain nail tips is for both hands, the photo above is only for 1 hand (Half a set). As you can see, there's 10 different sizes to suit different nail sizes of yours. The plain ones are sold @ S$2.00 per set. 

I charge a minimum of S$7.00 for customized designs. I will quote the price after you describe the design you want. Complicated designs & additional rhinestones or other 3D art material will have additional charges as well. Payment must be made first before I start on any art work, & I will usually take more than a week to complete due to my busy schedule. But don't worry, I will also quote you the time I am going to take before you make any payment. Do note that I will only accept orders on first come, first serve basis (:

Photo taken by 1 of my customer after she stick on the customized nail tips (:

You can get the customized nail tips over here!

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Introducing Glisten Jewel

 "Every girl deserves to be a princess"  
Well said indeed! Girls, who are into fashion & dressing up, you can find all sorts of accessories in Glisten Jewel!

Products include necklaces, rings, earrings & bracelet
With delicate & elegant designs, these accessories will definitely make you come back for more!

 Necklace designs include the perfect glamour you would ever need, which have exquisite & simple designs.

 These cute & pretty rings are also too hard to resist! Adjustable rings are also available to suit different finger sizes.

 Top it on with a beautiful pair of earrings to look elegant with your perfect outfit.

You can also put on a bracelet to match a casual or party dress to look pretty!

So hurry up & visit her store now!

Glisten Jewel has also done a write up about my blog on hers, check it out (:

Contact me @ for ads sponsors & exchange of links (View the right side bar of my blog) <3

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Wonders of Colour-changing Polish

Have you ever wondered how to paint designs that looks like a gradient of 2 different colours or tones? I got this off from some website & from what I have found this is called 'Ombre Nails'. The 2 nail polish colours are usually blended with a piece of sponge & the colour turns from pink to blue with the intermediate colour mixed to become purple. It gives people a very soothing feel.

However, this process could be quite tedious, people who are still learning the basics of nail art MIGHT get a little frustrated from painting this design. Depending on the brand of nail polish you pick, the effects might turn out successful or messy (If you're unlucky). It might be quite time-consuming for some as well. 

But FEAR NOT, I will be introducing an awesome nail art product that will save all the hassle!

This are just some samples I have, there are many other colours available.
These 2 colours are the hottest picks! & I personally like the pink one (:

Dark pink to light pink

Purple to sky blue

It really does work! Especially for girls with long nails. This is due to the difference in temperature. Its _____ below 33° C and becomes _____ above 33° C. (But in fact, the difference is quite obvious, the actual temperature doesn't matter) The white tip of your nails which is not in contact with your fingers (flesh) will be cooler. Hence, the colour gradient shows. When you walk in and out of an air-conditioned room, you can also spot the changes of the colours. It will be a great idea for people who are living in countries with 4 seasons as well (:

Just apply it on your nails like any other nail polish & there you go!
Now you can have different colours at different temperature! 


You can always top it up with extra designs if its too plain for you though. I would love to try doing leopard prints on it. 

You can purchase the colour-changing polish @ $15 per bottle
There are many other colours available as well, do view my album to check them out!

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Fimo Canes

Don't you find that these fruity fimo canes look so delicious? I always get reminded of a type of sweet sold in Singapore - Sticky! I've seen people mistaken fimo canes as sweets on other online shops as well, so please take note, these are not for consumption! :3 But its hard to blame them, the designs are so delicate & pretty, too hard to resist!

See, they look quite alike! At least, to me. 

I have over 300 designs of fimo canes, ranging from brand logo, fruits, animals, flowers, hearts, cartoon to random cute stuff. Some popular designs are already sold out, but don't worry, I'm sure there are some that will catch your eye. 

These fimo canes are about 4.5-5cm long (I guess some even exceed that length). Depending on your preference of the thickness, the estimated number of pieces you can slice off is about 40-50. For me, I prefer the fimo canes to be rather thin, so I can probably cut it into 50 pieces or so. 

I'm selling it @ 50cents per cane, with a minimum purchase of 10 canes. You can contact me for a wholesale price if you're purchasing more than 50 (: Assuming you can slice a fimo cane into 50 pieces, 1 piece is actually at quite an insignificant cost. 

Look at the neatly categorized table in my albums & you will see something like that. This is how you can order from me. In your order form, name me the category & the following numbers. I will then check if the product is available & will confirm the order thereafter. Although I have stated that the white highlighted numbers are out of stock, please understand that I do not have the time to update my photos, so there could be some other designs (Non-highlighted) which are out of stock as well (:

You can always mix & match your designs to suit your preference. There are loads of designs after all & these fimo canes are easy, convenient & pretty! You might want to have pretty nails but because you're either too lazy or do not have the time to paint your nails, you can always just paste a few fimo designs on your nails for simplicity! Like this one!

If you prefer something more bright & colourful, you can try this out as well! It's a fruity theme & it actually looks quite outstanding from far too.

Enough said, now I will be teaching you how to create a simple & cute flower design with the use of fimo canes!

Materials needed: (According to my design)
- Blue nail polish
- White nail polish
- Some blue flower fimo canes
- Nail glue (The nail glue in this photo isn't the one I'm selling, but it has the same effects as well)
- Tweezer
- Fimo cutter
- Some pearls/rhinestones for decoration
- Nail art wheel or paint on your nails directly

 Firstly, paint a few layers of blue diagonally on the nail. Make sure that the colour is rather opaque. 

When you're done with the blue, continue with the white on the other side.

Slice the fimo canes according to your preferred thickness. Make sure that the thickness is even throughout. To do this, slice the fimo cane vertically down, don't slant your cutter. 

So here's some sliced fimo canes! ^^ You can always get a wheel container to keep all the unused fimo canes for future use. The wheel container contains 12 compartments.

Using a nail glue, apply to the line between the blue & white areas. For the glue I'm selling, it is a watery base, so you might want to put small droplets instead of squeezing too hard. Or you could use cotton bud (I've not tried this way before though!)

Using a tweezer, carefully place the fimo slice onto the glued part of the nail. Tap it gently, so that it will fit nicely. Remember to plan your design first, the glue might dry up very quickly.

Add on the rest of the fimo canes & you will be almost done here (:

If you find it too plain, you can get some pearls or rhinestones & stick them on with nail glue. For this design, I chose to use white pearl to match with the white base on the right.

Isn't it simple & good? (:

Anyway, here are the links to purchase the items above if you want to create a design something like this!

Fimo canes

Fimo cutter


Nail glue

Pearls or rhinestones

Nail art wheel

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post, have fun painting your nails, & feel free to share photos of your pretty designs with me (: 

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